How to Setup a Video Streaming Website Like Netflix, Worldstarhiphop, Hulu

Create a movie website like netflix

User engagement is becoming more visual now. “Syndacast predicts 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video.” That’s clearly a majority right? If you have your own video contents and hoping that you have a market for it, the answer is a big “YES”. Next comes the question of “How to start your …

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Easy steps on How to Set, Retrieve and Unset Session Variables in Magento


Lets look out how sessions are used in Magento Definition of Session: Sessions are the specific users data which is stored on the server for the access of datas subsequently. This will help in developing customizable applications and increase the web sites appeal. Lets now look out how to set, unset and retrieve a magento …

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How to convert /export HTML file to MS Word document (.doc) using php code?


The conversion of HTML file into word document using PHP code is the most requested functionalities. There is an easy step-by-step coding instruction available for beginners, who want to know how to convert HTML file to MS word document(.doc) using php code. It can all be done by means of PHP headers #The coding starts …

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How to Reduce or Compress Image File Size while Uploading Using PHP code?


It is a quite common process to upload images on the websites dynamically. However, while you upload the image with large file size in a website, it is likely to take more time to load. This necessitates the developer to write down the code to decrease the file size of image while dynamically uploading the …

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