How to Setup a Video Streaming Website Like Netflix, Worldstarhiphop, Hulu


User engagement is becoming more visual now.

“Syndacast predicts 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video.” That’s clearly a majority right?

If you have your own video contents and hoping that you have a market for it, the answer is a big “YES”. Next comes the question of “How to start your own video website Like Netflix?” but the answer is To create a website like Netflix, you just cannot take off like that.

To choose the right development idea to setup a website like Netflix, Worldstarhiphop or Hulu and to come up with more advanced features, you’ll have to know what they’ve done right to succeed.

The Personalization Part

Sites like Netflix, Worldstarhiphop, Hulu are clearly the big names in the VOD industry as they have redefined the way audience access videos by providing an on-demand video platform which provides liberty in choosing based on their preference unlike cable operators who decide what people should watch.

This ‘personalization’ in customer experience is the soul responsibility for the massive shift from traditional TV viewing to internet aided on-demand video viewing,

The Experience and Availability

Well the experience is what differentiating top of the league players from the average ones and here is how Netflix, Worldstarhiphop and Hulu have got it right.

UX – The necessary UI for users can find videos easily and quickly

‘App’ avatars – These players have their own user-friendly mobile apps not just to capitalize on the on-the-go access factor but also as smartphone is the first device people prefer to watch videos.

Smart search – The smartness of the search systems and suggestion mechanisms built in Netflix, Worldstarhiphop and Hulu depends on the proper classification and categorization of video contents.

Ok, we are done and now getting into how to build a video streaming website like Netflix part ?

The answer for this drills down to a single decision making which is choosing between from-the-scratch development and readymade script.

In our opinion, we’d like to suggest a readymade solution like Apptha’s HD Video Share script as it can cut down development cost, man hours spent, the time-to-market.

Why Choose Apptha HD Video Share?

– 0$ Investment: You can create a website like Netflix, Worldstarhiphop for free. Yes, you’re reading it right, absolutely free of cost.

– 3 Free Add-ons: For adding comment section for users to interact, add videos to your blog posts, create a social community of by synchronizing your video website feeds in JomSocial community.

3 Free Themes – Mobile and fluidic responsive themes that gives a perfect Netflix or YouTube like looks for your site.

How Apptha’s HD Video Share Can HelpYou Create Your Own Netflix Like Website?

Build website like netflix

Live Demo

The following explanation will be a combination of what you’ll have to do and how can you impl
ement it with HD Video Share, apart from the video content creation part.

1, Upload / Add Videos:

With Apptha’s HD Video Share videos can be added through upload and other ways like Direct URL, YouTube URL and FFMPEG. Embed Code option.

2, Categorize and classify videos:

Categories can be created and videos can be assigned just with drag and drop actions.

Choose a Parent Category -> Name It -> Set Enable Status -> Start adding videos to the category

3, Use Video Player settings to personalize:

  • Using the video player settings you can personalize
  • Buffer time
  • Width
  • Background color
  • Full Screen and Normal screen settings
  • Zoom
  • Volume
  • Share Button
  • Playlist Autoplay
  • Player Skin
  • Related Videos View
  • Display Progress Bar and much much more

4, Add Subscriptions and Video Channel to your website

HD Video Share platform allows you to encourage user enrollments by allowing them to subscribe to your website. You can set fee for subscriptions, create plans for the number of uploads, categorize user added videos and provide provisions for users to create their own channels and subscribe to other channels

5, Market Your Website

HD Video Share helps you market your video streaming website via social media.

As the admin you can enable Social Icons and RSS feed video detail page in order help people share video through social platforms.

Well, that’s not the end, Apptha’s HD Video Share script can help you do much more and offers a stack of personalization. To Create your own netflix like website which accommodates your content-specific demands HD Video Share script can be tweaked or downsized to any extent as it is 100% customizable.

Find out more on HD Video Script

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